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Nado Royal Con Delfines

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Nado Royal Con Delfines, one of the best tours in riviera maya.

Swim, meet, greet, and play with the dolphins of Playa del Carmen during this one-of-a-kind, interactive experience. An amazing combination of action and nature, this Royal Swim allows you to personally interact with friendly dolphins who kiss, snuggle, and perform aerial acrobatics for you. Meet your guide at the location, equip your life jacket, and wade into the waters of a secluded ocean area to meet the friendly dolphins. The playful creatures get up close and personal, offering kisses, handshakes, and high fives. You may even get the chance to be towed along by 2 dolphins through the crystal clear waters, or lifted into the air by the dolphins. Spend a full hour playing and interacting with the lovable creatures before making your way back to shore, from there enjoy all the facilities that our habitat at Playa del Carmen offers you.

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